Granite Composite Sinks

Granite composite sinks are by far the most durable and longest lasting of sinks on the market today. Sinks come in many patterns and are made with different materials, and what makes these sinks superior is the fact that they are engineered with granite rock particles, stone dust and acrylic resins making them long lasting, non-absorbent and scratch resistant among other benefits.

Granite composite sinks are virtually heat resistant as well handling heats of up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit. If this sounds like the perfect sink for you, let’s look into some of the details of these durable sinks.

Granite Composite Sinks

Consistent: Durable stone made sinks can be created from many types of materials. What makes the granite composite sink so valuable is the uniform and practically forever lasting colors of the sink. The colors won’t fade overtime and the uniform color found with the material means it won’t have the unique look, but will be the same everywhere.

Available in Many Styles: These sinks are able to be created in many colors, sizes and finishes. Unlike many other sink types, these sinks can be custom made in many instances to fit into most locations. The color choices made means that it will remain that color and is practically fade proof.

Durable: What makes these sinks more durable than any other option is the sinks surface. High density rock particles mean that the sink is extremely heat resistant, chip resistant and scratch resistant. These durable granite composite sinks can handle wear and tear and last for years and years. Pots and pans can go directly from the stove to the sink without worry (as long as it’s no hotter than 535 degrees Fahrenheit). So no need to worry about stains, dropping utensils or other items in these sinks, they can take a beating.

Caring for the Granite Composite Sinks

There are several maintenance items to remember with the granite composite sinks. The sinks have porous surfaces, so it is possible that liquids or other items can be absorbed if not taken care of properly. A white film may develop on the sink as it ages which can potentially make the sink look dirty, even if it is clean. Using cleaners made for granite are the best choice to maintain clean and sanitary.

Durable granite composite sinks are molded in sink form and contain 80% natural granite. This is mixed with an acrylic resin allowing them to be molded into many designs and patterns to fit any home owner or commercial need. These all natural materials are also recyclable and add a natural look to any kitchen or sink location. They can be installed in many locations as requested by the owner, as undermounts for example and many size, color and bowl configurations.

If you like what you hear and then the granite composite sink may be right for you. With tremendous durability, customization and heat resistant qualities, this sink is becoming one of the most requested sinks on the market today. The styling, coloring and shape options for granite composite sinks are virtually endless and work great in any kitchen.